Hillary’s 43 Reasons for Losing

Gregg Jarrett at Fox published an article listing the 43 reasons Hillary has given so far for why she lost. Those are her words, casting blame on everyone but herself. Astonishing.

I note that one of her reasons, #16, is the “Electoral College”. I suppose we can interpret that to mean that she blames the US Constitution…. Right, it was that Jefferson guy, and Madison, Washington, John Hancock, and the rest of them — they were all conspiring against her…. Who knew? I half expect that next she will probably point out that the Founding Fathers are ALL MEN.

Anyway, eight of the reasons she gives, maybe even up to eleven (depending on how you count) were either Demoncrat organizations, Dem leadership, or Dem faithful press or solid Dem supporters. Thus, upwards of 25% of her reasons involve raw blame of her own supporters.

This from a candidate who ran her campaign with the slogan, “Stronger Together”.

Loyalty, at least in Hillary’s view, only points in one direction. She throws them under the bus unashamedly and then drives on, pleased with the results of her national book-hawking bus tour so far.

Personally, I don’t know which is more absurd, that she casts blame for her loss at the feet of her own loyalists or that those with these tire tracks across their backs are somehow still buying her book.

Regardless of how you want to view it, the book tour is good for her bank account. I bet she’ll use all that money to help the poor, right?

Or maybe it is a good thing that she’s making money. She is unemployed now, you know. She might be worried about her financial future, just like the people in the “Blue Wall” states that she either never visited or only rarely mentioned during her campaign. They voted hoping that change would bring back jobs.

Hillary missed that — we can add it as #44, I suppose, and recognize that it is the only reason that really explains “What Happened”. Hillary is so out of touch with the working class voters who abandoned her — and abandoned the Democratic Party — that she fails to recognize why she really lost.

Of course, for every loser, there’s a winner too. For Hillary, there are 43 reasons why Trump won and none of them have anything to do with Trump himself or his message — not at all.

We would all be better off — Republicans, Democrats, and Independents alike, if Hillary Clinton would just tell the truth for once. Or maybe she did already. It’s right there on the cover of her book, both her question and her answer —

Q: What Happened?
A: Hillary Rodham Clinton

No need to beat a dead horse, I suppose. The Election is over. While only the future can say whether President Donald Trump will be a disaster or, as he would probably say, “Best President ever!”, a lot of Americans are very glad that at least Hillary didn’t win.


Thomas Van Hare is the Publisher and Founder of Republican Response and has served in three past Republican Administrations, including on two Transition Teams. His primary expertise is in foreign policy, diplomacy, defense and security issues, including Iraq and Afghanistan. He is also a former Search and Rescue pilot whose past efforts have helped to save the lives of thousands of refugees.
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