What is Republican Response?

Republican Response launched in October 2016 as an effort by a group of Republicans and conservatives around the world to create a low-volume, high quality online magazine and forum to promote open discussion, civil discourse, and support for global conservative thought.  With the future of the Republican Party a major topic of debate and with the unfolding political situation globally facing conservatives, the writers aim to promote the consideration of what it means to be a Republican and an informed, intellectually active conservative in the world today.

Republican Response is an online magazine dedicated to the future of the Republican Party.

Republican Response is designed as a publication for thoughtful pieces, rather than a replacement or supplement to the news of the day. The magazine does not cover passing events, every newly uncovered Obama Administration scandal, or the ongoing passing debates of the day. Rather, the members who publish here do so with the focus on helping to evaluate longer-term trends, wider issues, and significant issues of importance to conservatives and Republicans everywhere.

Republican Response is seeking support to expand its readership and network of supporters.  Promoting the magazine starts with just the simple act of sharing a story on Facebook, twitter, email, or Reddit.  It starts with you.  In addition, the magazine is seeking to establish a network of global sponsors and supporters so as to enable further expansion.

The writers and supporters of Republican Response span the globe and the effort is supported by the Sweden Republicans Overseas organization and the members of GOP Worldwide.

Republican Response is, above all, focused on the future.  While the Republican Party deserves its nickname as the Grand Old Party, or GOP — and it has launched 18 men to the Presidency — what matters is the future. This is what matters most to the writers, supporters, and board of the magazine.  The Republican Party and of the global conservative movement is undergoing a period of reassessment today — and that future is in all of our hands, not just in the hands of the party leadership.

Republican Response accepts a wide diversity of views.  It is a platform to publish new ideas and commentary on current events.  It is not a extremist publication. We disallow hate speech or any articles that call for radicalism, make threats, or promote causes or views that are outside the expected standards of good citizenship and the wider standards of conservative thought and action.

If you would like to submit an article for publication, please refer to our Publication Standards page.